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Bulgarian AK-74 Refinished Furniture

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Product Description

This kit is a completely refinished set of AKM furniture, consisting of a gas tube cover & forend (handguard set), and buttstock for an AK-74 rifle, originally manufactured out of Arsenal AD of Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

The furniture was standard military issue Bulgarian hardwood. It has been lovingly and expertly disassembled, stripped, sanded to bare wood, professionally restained, resealed, and buffed.

Buyers should take note that this kit does not contain any of the original metallic hardware. When retrofitting to an existing AK-74 or AKM variant, the hardware from the original furniture should be used to affix and mount these parts.

This particular furniture was removed from a CIA RI2148X AK74 Sporter Rifle Semi-Auto 5.45mmX39mm.

It should be compatible with all AK-74s manufactured out of Arsenal AD of Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Fitting may be required when using this hardware with other AKM variants.


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